So, today’s post is all about my go-to hair products. I can leave the house with no make-up, and in my tracksuit bottoms, but hair is one important thing to this gal!

Over the years, I’ve trialled and tested a variety of hair products on the market to achieve a range of different results, here are my top 5 must-have hair products:

PRO-Voke Touch Of Silver Brightening Shampoo

This only counts as a top hair product if you have blonde/white/silver hair, but this little miracle worker is great for toning hair and brightening it in one wash. I’ve left the hairdressers several times pretty disheartened when trying to get back to blonde from brunette (I’m very indecisive), due to brassiness and lack of any brightness.

This little bottle retailed at approximately £3 per 250ml may seem expensive, but it is worth every penny. I leave this on in the bath for around 5 minutes, and wash out thoroughly, followed by a good condition. I use this shampoo around twice a week, and no more – as I’ve been told it can give your hair a purple tinge after a while!

Johnson’s Baby Powder

I know this is a weird one, but hear me out. When attending festivals, or on busy work schedule, washing your hair isn’t always on the top of the list! To be honest, I only try to wash my hair once every 2/3 days anyway as to not strip away the natural oils. This baby powder beats any dry shampoo’s I’ve ever tried, and a fraction of the cost too. I just apply to the roots, give a comb through and a quick rub and voila – clean and bouncy hair. This is also a great product for just adding volume to hair, and I even use it as a touch up of my roots in-between a trip to the hairdressers.

Schwarzkopf Beach Matt Texturizing Salt Spray

No-one can deny that they love the natural, beachy waves that you get on holiday from an afternoon floating in the sea. It’s my all-time favourite holiday look, especially when any sort of hot hair appliance is the least appealing thing in the foreign heat.

Who says it has to stay abroad too? If I’m giving my hair a few days off from any heat damage, this product is an absoloute diamond to giving me a quick, effortless look. I use this after washing and towel drying my hair, and then spray evenly and scrunch my hair up before leaving it to try naturally. Warning with this product though – too much can make your hair go matted and sticky. I learnt the hard way. Retailed at £4, this is way cheaper than trip on holiday!



Hair Masks

With my damaging my hair a lot with colouring and heat, I make sure that I regularly put a hair mask on to keep it in healthy condition. I’ve tried a variety of hair masks, from expensive designer conditioners, to cheap and cheerful – and I’ve found that they all pretty much do the same job. I like to grab whichever is the cheapest from Superdrug!

Although most hair masks/leave in conditioners recommend to leave in for 5 minutes and wash out, for best results I apply after shampooing my hair on an evening, and sleep with it in and with a towel on my pillow. I only do this when I know that I’m not up in a rush the next morning though, as it will need washing out.

Morrocanoil Treatment

This stuff is an absoloute lifesaver. If you’re like me and contstantly have frizzy hair from blowdrying, styling, ect… a small drop of this will smoothen your hair and give it a shine. Only a pea drop of this is required as it can make your hair turn oily, and you should apply this product to the end of your hair, never the roots, as once again it will create greasy oily hair.

I was bridesmaid for my brothers wedding this weekend and this was my hair style for it - how beautiful!

So these are my top hair products – what’s yours?

Sophie Amelia