Now, I’ve tried every fad diet going, and tell myself on a weekly basis that I WILL join the Gym again at some point *que the sarcastic upside down smiley emoji*. I’m not going to bore you with the facts that come with a love/hate relationship with food – but I have discovered this one little gem that helps me keep my calorie consumption down to a minimum and may help you lot out there wanting to do the same.

I discovered the Lose It! Weight loss app a few months back, and I’ve found it very useful when trying to control my eating habits. It’s important to maintain a healthy, balanced diet – and I am by no means game for eating lettuce leaves all day every day. I don’t want to recommend this app unless used correctly, as getting too obsessive with it (as I have done with previous calorie counters) isn’t a fun way to live, nor healthy.

I simply add in my food intake, and it works out the calories ect for you or comes with a camera/scanner function to scan your food packets. You input your current weight, and your goal weight – and it calculates how many calories a month you need to consume to be reaching this goal. I’m aware there are several apps out there like this, however, this is the only one I’ve found that isn’t a ‘free trial’ that then expires.

I’ve found this app helpful as it makes me think more about the kinds of foods that I’m eating – and that if I swap a bag or crisps for an apple for my lunch, then I’ve got extra calories available for a dessert later on! (I know what I’d rather go for). I make sure I eat a healthy amount of food and don’t get me wrong – a Domino’s still sneaks its way into the equation. However, seeing that one Domino’s pizza takes up my full days calorie allowance, it encourages me to plan my days eating so that I’m good throughout the day prior to my takeaway – and if I’ve slipped up, it also encourages me to go for a run or do a workout to burn off the extra calories!

I do this alongside my Charlotte Crosby Belly Blitz workout (review is to come), and I’m finding myself losing weight at a slow and healthy pace.

Let me hear your thoughts and opinions on stuff like this!

Sophie Amelia