Did anyone ever go through the stage of having gorgeous, long natural locks and hacked and dyed it until it was a short frizzy mess? Story of my life. Ever since I decided at the age of 15 that bobs were the ‘in’ thing and that I would look miles older with one, I lobbed all my hair off and safe to say, it’s never really grown back long since.
Having dabbled with different clip in extensions over the years, from cheap aesthetic ones, to expensive real hair extensions (which are now useless seeing as I change my hair colour as much as my knickers), the prices and effort just became too much.
Scrolling through Instagram, I noticed several advertisements for ‘Lullabellz’ with reviews and photos of clients wearing the clip ins. With the retail price starting at £18, there wasn’t much to lose.

Upon ordering, you are offered a free colour match – however I can’t say I took full advantage of this as I ordered my extensions in a rush to go on holiday and knew my hair would naturally brighten and change colour anyway so I just guessed my closest match.

Lullabellz extensions are available in all different sizes, colours and wefts. I chose the One-Piece weft to save the hassle of multiple wefts and clips, and I also paid a bit more (£32) for the Double Thick Layered extensions as my hair is quite thick itself and I wanted the best blend.
The delivery was very fast and efficient, and the product arrived in pretty pink packaging. The only downfall I would say to the packaging is that even though the bag is clear, the extensions themselves are covered in a black netting, so it’s very hard to determine how close the colour match is. This is frustrating as once the packet has been opened, you can’t return the product – even if you realise afterwards the colour match isn’t correct. Obviously this is for hygiene reasons, but this could perhaps be improved.
The extensions were a great length with good thickness, and the quality felt great too. The One-Piece Weft was easy to apply and I was wearing it in a matter of minutes. The colour wasn’t 100% a great match, but as mentioned above this was a fault of my own – plus I knew I wanted to brighten my hair further anyway so would be a perfect match once I had.
I’ve worn my extensions several times now, and had so many compliments on them. The clips are easy to disguise and if it wasn’t for the slightest colour difference, they would look like my own hair. I did find two problems with the extensions however …
a) The extensions are very easily tangled, so I had to keep nipping to the loo with a comb to try and tame them again

b) The website states that you can apply heat for up to 180 degrees – however when I tried to add waves into my straight extensions using my straighteners, the hair just fell back flat again and wouldn’t take the heat.
Regardless of the points above, I LOVE my Lullabellz extensions and have even purchased the clip-in ponytail also, which is easy to work and is great for a quick but stylish up-do in a hurry. I’d give Lullabellz extensions a 9/10 and would definitely recommend – I’ve already got my eye on another set of the curly extensions!

Sophie Amelia