From suffering with a constant bloating, and trying every home-remedy possible – I decided it was time to try something else.

From my endless hours of scrolling through Instagram, I saw several posts promoting ‘Bootea’ and the effects it can have on getting the flat tummy result. I’m usually very sceptical with stuff like this, however a variety of people were posting before and after results pictures, which proves that it was more than just good marketing.

I ordered the product in the Holland and Barrett sale for £16.99 which consisted of two sets of tea’s to last the 28 days – A day tea and a night tea. I’m not really a tea drinker myself, so when I took the tea bags out the packet and was greeted with a waft of infused herbs, I must say I wasn’t feeling too optimistic. HOWEVER, the taste wasn’t as unpleasant as I expected and was definitely doable to get some results.

The day time tea’s claim to boost your energy levels and get your insides working correctly. The night time tea contains Senna Leaves, which is a non-prescription laxative known to clear the bowels and treat constipation. This is designed to be consumed before you go to bed, so that you wake up, flush out, and feel empty and have a flat stomach.

After reading several reviews on forums and reviews around the Bootea product,  I noticed a pattern in the comments, with several people claiming the laxative in this product had stopped the contraceptive pill from working and they were now pregnant. *Yikes*

After reading this, I decided to take my pill in the evening rather than the morning so that the *toilet situation* wouldn’t counteract my pill – however there was no need for this.
I personally felt no change in my body whatsoever from drinking these tea’s, and can’t say I was running to the toilet as other reviews stated. I didn’t notice a significant reduce in my bloat, but perhaps a bit more energy than usual.

Now I know people’s bodies work differently, so this review can’t be 100% true to the product – but speaking from personal experience I wouldn’t buy this product again. For the usual retail price of £36.99, this is a pretty pricey product that I didn’t see results from. There are lots of cheaper products out there containing a lot of the similar ingredients which I’ll be giving a try!

If there’s anyone out there reading this that has been successful with other products, or even if they havnt – please comment or drop me an email!

I’d love to hear from you.

Sophie Amelia