So last weekend, I spent my bank holiday weekend in Malton at Malton Food Festival (sorry this post is delayed – I’ve been recovering from sleep deprivation since coming back). I attended the food festival last year; however, I didn’t actually start blogging until July (my blog’s nearly a year old – eep!) so I didn’t do a write up on my blog about it! Anyway, a year on…here we go:

Malton food festival is the UK’s number 1 food festival that falls towards the end of May every year. It’s free to attend and is basically full of food and drink stalls (a girls dream). Situated in the beautiful town of Malton, this food festival is always jam-packed, great atmosphere – and has been guaranteed fantastic weather 2 years running since I’ve attended.

Last year Dave and I drove down there for the day and had a brief walk around, sampled some food and drove back. This year, however, we wanted to make more of a day of it and be able to have a couple of drinks whilst there. As there was a group of us going together and no one wanted to be designated driver, we decided to put together a bit of a camping trip.

After panicking that we had left it too late to book any campsites with it being the festival and bank holiday, I rang around a couple of sites and managed to get in at Thornthorpe Caravan and Camping site, approximately a 5-minute drive from Malton. (If you plan on doing the same next year, I would highly recommend staying here - we will be!).

The pitch each was £16 for the night, with a bbq pit to hire also for an additional price. Between us, we brought two tents and were the only tents in the field barring one other couple in the corner. The shared toilet and shower facilities were always clean and not too far of a walk from the site either.

We arrived at the campsite in the afternoon, and put up our tents and began unloading the cars. It was still absolutely stifling hot, and after a quick drive into Malton center to grab some food for the bbq (there is an Asda only a short drive away), we sat in the beaming sunshine, drinking gin and cooking our tea on the BBQ - absolute bliss!

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ANYHOO - down to the actual festival itself...We all woke up early doors the next morning (despite not going to bed until late the night before) due to the crows in the trees surrounding the field - only downfall to this site. BRING EAR PLUGS! After all getting a quick shower and change (and a cheeky gin whilst waiting for a taxi in), we were soon in the heart of the festival.


Once again, we were lucky to have fantastic weather - and walking around smelling all the different foods in the sun was an absolute dream. As we hadn't had any breakfast, the first thing we did was hunt down some food. As I've recently been testing out a gluten-free diet (no, I've still not solved my bloating sitch...), it was difficult to ignore all the beautiful smells of burritos and pizza to find anything that was gluten-free. I was quite disappointed at the lack of this as gluten-free diets have become quite popular, HOWEVER, I think I was being a bit naive and just expecting a big ass sign shouting out in my face saying "eat me, I don't contain gluten".

After a brief walk around, we came across a stall selling hoisin duck wraps (GF option available - woop!). Feeling a bit disappointed that I couldn't have had anything I had walked past and little hope that this would taste fab, I was soon very wrong as it was absolutely delish. Dave was tempted to get the same (non-GF version) but settled for pulled beef in Guinness in a taco - nom nom nom.


We stopped off at a gin stall on the way back to find the group, and spent most the afternoon sat in the sun taking in the smells, sights, and booze. The festival is on across the Saturday and the Sunday, however, we had chosen to go on the Sunday as Tommy Bank was doing a chef demo, who is one of our favourite michelin star chefs.


Unfortunately, the tent in which he was doing the demo was so full by the time we got there that you couldn't see anything. However, we did happen to bump into him at a stall later on that date and cringing we asked for a photo and bought his new book signed. Dave also decided it would be fun to sign us up to a knife skill class after I was about 4 pints in...oh god. This class reaaaally wasn't for me, as it was what it says on the tin - showing you how to properly use a knife, and how to chop veg up in a fancy style. Dave however loved it, so I wouldn't disregard too much for all those reading this! You might enjoy it yourself.


The atmosphere was buzzing, there was brass bands under stalls playing music all day long, as well as an area that turned into a more 'drinking area' on the night with a DJ set. We found a little 'square' as such surrounded by food stalls, and spend the day enjoying the atmosphere whilst drinking and eating. On top of my duck wrap, I also had a gluten free chicken curry and a gluten free brownie - all absolutely superb! Mmm

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When the food stalls started to close down (I'd say this was around 7/8ish), we headed to the local pubs where the beer gardens were bursting full of people enjoying the atmosphere. We eventually got a taxi back, and had a few drinks back at the tent before calling it a night.

All in all, I had a fantastic weekend and can't wait to do the same this year! There is a variety of fresh food you can buy to eat there and then - hot and cold, as well as cheeses and spice mixes ready to take home, and crafts and random bits and bobs! If you like food, you like drink, and enjoy a nice weekend away - then this one is for you.

Sophie Amelia