So if you've been keeping up to scratch with my Instagram stories, you will of noticed that I've recently moved house and I am very much in love with our new one. (I've been posting photos of it everywhere). After a very hectic weekend of moving and unpacking, both Dave and I took the day off work on Monday to finish off the last bits and get a small piece of the weekend back.

After a few hours of unpacking Monday morning, we decided it was time to head out and treat ourselves to some well-deserved food. (I have a confession, over the weekend I consumed a curry, fish and chips, party buffet food, McDonalds and pizza so moving home has taken its toll on my recent efforts of healthy eating and fitness) but hey ho, one more treat wouldn't hurt!

We decided to go to Chamas Brazilian restaurant in Beverley. This has recently been expanded since my last visit and was much more accommodating. Similar to the restaurant chain Fazenda, Chamas is basically a set price menu of all you can eat meat. The set price for an evening is usually £27.95 a head, which can rack up to quite a hefty bill with two people and drinks - however, the lunchtime price is only £15.95pp, and you pretty much got exactly the same types of meats/cuts - and the same amount of food too!


For those who haven't visited one of these chains before, this basically works by firstly heading over to the salad bar to grab a plate and fill it up with whatever you want. I'd recommend to not go too heavy on this as there is pleeeeeenty of meat to fill up on - but it's very hard when you're offered such a wide selection. You can choose from salad, beans, nacho chips, potatoes in a mustard sauce, caramelised onions, pasta, the LOT.

Once you sit back down in your seat, you are each given a circular mat that resembles a beer mat - one side is red, the other green. When you leave your mat on the green side facing up, you are brought over skewer after skewer of steak, sausages, chicken, lamb, pork, gammon, so much! I always get far too excited and leave it until my plate is brimming with food until I turn back over to red. Once you have flipped your mat onto red, you won't be disturbed and will be left to enjoy your meal.


All of the steaks are cooked medium rare (perfection in my eyes) but you are able to ask if you would like it cooking any different. If you find a specific dish that takes your fancy, you can also request for this skewer to come back around again to your table.

Not only is the food fantastic, but the ambience really made this a thoroughly enjoyable lunch. We bagged a little 2 seater right near the window, and sipped wine and ate to our heart's content. I honestly could've stayed there all day if it wasn't for the thought of more unpacking still left to do!


I would highly recommend a trip to this restaurant (they do have a vegetarian and vegan menu). Whilst it may be slightly more than your average meal out, the amount of quality meat you are offered makes it worth it. If you think about it - you would pay £20 alone for a good quality steak! Here you can choose from garlic steak, cheese steak, Brazillian steak, so much choice.

If you do dine here, I'd advise a small breakfast and also your best stretchy trousers! I'd love to hear if you've visited anything like this, or if there are more chains out there that I am still to discover!

Sophie Amelia