Hi all, welcome to another restaurant review on my trip to the Lake District - this time The Flying Pig in Bowness-on-Windermere.

On the first evening of our stay in Windermere, we had planned beforehand to go eat somewhere else in the area that we had found on Trip Advisor. However, when it came to viewing the menu and observing the food arriving on the table next to us, we weren't too excited. We had a quick drink and pondered around Bowness-On-Windermere in the search of another eatery.

As neither of us were fancying any specific type of cuisine, we were quite open to going anywhere and because of this, we walked around indecisively for a good 20 minutes. We had walked past The Flying Pig originally on route to the first restaurant and thought it looked like a really great place to eat. However. I was quite put off by the menu as it wasn't the basic variety of pub grub I usually go for.

In the end, we decided we had walked around for long enough and decided to retreat back to The Flying Pig - and oh am I glad that we did! The decor in the restaurant was done right to my taste, with midnight blue walls, rustic gin bottles with candles inside, beautiful wooden furniture and big roaring fires. The atmosphere was perhaps a little quiet, however it was a Thursday night in quite a remote part of the country so we weren't expecting it to be booming!

the flying pig restaurant

We were shown to the dining area where we picked our own table to sit, and nestled up in a corner table at the back of the restaurant. Whilst I am trying to be more open with trying new foods, this menu did make me a little nervous as it was all quite strange combinations and ingredients with nothing too familiar apart from a beef burger. However, I decided to trust my instinct and go for something a little bit different.

I opted for the butternut squash risotto with pumpkin seeds, parmesan and crushed amaretti biscuits. Dave chose the hake, butterbean and chorizo stew with pickled fennel. Upon arrival, both of the dishes looked absolutely fantastic (albeit I did get a comment from a friend stating that the risotto looked like sick from a picture she saw it...).

The butternut squash risotto was extremely tasty, even though it was very odd. There was such an explosion of flavours that personally I found it a bit too much, as the amaretti biscuits gave off a bit too much sweetness in comparison to the rest of the dish. However, apart from this, the dish was an absolute winner. I'm not sure if the amaretti biscuits were designed to add a bit of texture to the dish, however when placed on the rice turned a little soggy - but I like what the chef was trying to achieve.

butternut squash risotto

Dave's stew was more of a rich tomato sauce packed full of chorizo chunks and butterbeans with the slight aftertaste of fennel. I'm not usually a fennel lover myself, but this actually worked really well with the dish and really gave it a lift. The hake was presented as a fillet across the top of the sauce and was cooked to perfection. This dish was so delicious, that we even tried to re-make it at home for tea a couple of nights after!

hake stew

With sparkling clean plates, the chef had intrigued us and we were keen to sample the dessert menu to see what other exciting concoctions they had to offer. However, we were informed that unfortunately the electrics were broken in the kitchen and were now out of order. God damnit!

relaxing with a gin

Still, in spite of this, I would 100% recommend this restaurant and would return. The menu was very well priced, big portions, and fantastic cooking with fresh ingredients. If you're ever in the area - you have to give this restaurant a go. Hopefully you can let me know how good the dessert are!

What are everyone else's favourite eateries?

Sophie Amelia