Apologies for the lack of posts so far this year, I've been bedridden with this so-called 'Aussie flu' and it took it out of me to get a glass of water, let alone write posts so I have been MIA.

However, on Sunday I finally started to feel human again, and we spent our afternoon at Hackness Grange Hotel to have some afternoon tea - a gift that was bought for Dave and I for Christmas. The hotel was situated not too far from Scarborough, so was about an hour and 15 drive from our little town of Hull.

I had never gone this far out for afternoon tea, as we usually only find a local one in the area wherever we are - however, we were excited to try somewhere new and to actually make a day out of it! I was told that this hotel was also doggy friendly, so of course we didn't pass up on the chance to take Sash along for the ride!

Upon arrival, the hotel wasn't quite as large as I had expected, and in some areas looked a little outdated - however it was situated right beside a little lake and surrounded by beautiful scenery. We were welcomed at the door and the 3 of us were ushered inside and taken down a path of long winding corridors. Our experience unfortunately did start out a little on the wrong foot, as we were left stood by 2 sofas in a waiting room, and as Sasha was panting a little too loudly we walked into the corner of the next room to take her away from the other customers where others were sat dining and eating their afternoon tea.

Within an instance, we were approached by a woman who looked at Sash begrudgingly and stated 'Oh, no you can't take your dogs in here...It's a restaurant?' with perhaps a little more sass than required. As though walking with our dog into a hotel that was dog friendly was absolutely barbaric! After a bit of a kerfuffle and confusion, we were led into a room with a bar and plenty of big leather sofas and armchairs with a roaring fire already lit. This room was so cosy, and we had it all to ourselves!

The staff quickly realised that we were a bit disgruntled by the first approach, and were very attentive towards us - making sure we had drinks, the fire was lit, ect. The food didn't take long to come out at all, and it was honestly one of the tastiest afternoon tea's that I've had! As I'm not a tea or coffee drinker, I helped myself to both glasses of the Prosecco...(Dave's doing dry January anyway...no judging) and we dug in.

Whilst it wasn't explained to us what was on the dish (the manager later on asked us if we had been told, and when we shook our heads explained the staff should've done so), it was great to try all the different flavours.

The bottom layer was a selection of sandwiches which included salmon, cream cheese and cucumber, cheddar cheese and chutney of some sort, and chicken salad. We then went up onto the middle tier which had two beautiful scones with a pot of jam and strawberries and cream. Our only criticism here was that the scones should've come with butter and clotted cream - however we addressed this with the staff afterwards once they asked for feedback!

The top layer consisted of a Reece's piece, 2 slices of Victoria sponge (which Dave claimed was the best he's ever had, and he is picky with his Victoria sponges!), x1 coffee and x1 pistachio macaroons, 2 lemon curds and the most fantastic cakey truffly thing in white chocolate with a raspberry sauce. I can't tell you what this was but it was one of the best bits to the meal!

afternoon teaafternoon tea

We sat and enjoyed the afternoon, sipping our drinks, munching our food, and relaxing by the fire. It really was the perfect way to spend a Sunday, and it was such a nice change to be sat on comfy sofas rather than dining chairs. The restaurant that had the tables in for guests without pets looked rather sparse, quite like a wedding venue with only half the guests and tables plonked in the middle of a large room...so we were quite lucky we had Sash with us and were taken to the other room. Because of this, I would recommend asking to be brought to this room instead - it was such a better atmosphere! Although I'm not sure you'd be quite as lucky to get the room to yourselves again as we did.

afternoon tea and french bulldogafternoon tea and french bulldogfrench bulldog

Based on the food and service (in the end), I would recommend this place. I personally wouldn't return any time soon as it was quite a drive for afternoon tea from where we live, but I had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon here and if I lived nearby would probably pay a few more visits. This was a great present and a great way to spend a few hours!

Once we finished up, the staff kindly packed the cakes up that we hadn't managed to eat, and we set off to find a walking route. After having a quick Google, the closest walking route we could find near us was 7 miles long - which was always going to be a no-go with a Frenchie who walks for half an hour and needs carrying. In the end we took a random turn and came to a crossroads with several off-road walking areas - so we quickly dumped the car, put our wellies on and off we went.

couple walksimg_6241

We had an enjoyable stroll walking off our afternoon tea, and then stopped off at The Old Star, Kilham which is a small and cosy village pub on the way house. I rang up 15 minutes prior as we was frantically Googling dog friendly pubs on the way home, and they saved us a table by the fire where I ordered a fantastic beef dinner. I was asked how I wanted my beef cooking (which arrived to perfection btw), which came with a big fluffy Yorkshire pudding, vegetables and the creamiest mash. Would highly recommend!

All in all a fab day, and thanks again to my Mum for the voucher! You can buy it here and check out the afternoon tea for yourself :)


Sophie Amelia