Recently, I had discovered a new Indian street food restaurant opening in our home town of Hull, and as big lovers of Asian food - we had to go see for ourselves.

For those who are from Hull or know Hull, this new restaurant is situated down Princess Avenue, and has taken over from what used to be the cocktail bar Florins. Whilst this restaurant wasn't advertised very well, we still managed to catch wind of it and wow am I glad that we did.

As we were unable to book a table (they don't accept booking), we decided to get there for around 7pm on a Friday. The place was very quiet, but as it had only opened that week and as mentioned wasn't very 'shouted' about, this was quite expected.

The décor had been done out very authentic Indian style, with brightly coloured walls with flowers hanging down, and colourful streams of material draped from wall to wall. From first impressions, this was already the most authentic Indian restaurant we had been in since coming back from India, and the décor really brought back memories and the feel of the country (as opposed to your generic Indian eateries with dark walls, red tablecloths and Bollywood videos playing on TV's).

As it was quiet, we were quickly given a seat and asked for our drinks order. For an opening offer, the cocktails were at 2 for £8, so you betcha that I helped myself to 2 Pornstar Martini's - delicious!

The menu was split out into two choices - a single curry from the variety to chose from (and very different and unrecognisable from your bog standard Korma or Balti), or a tiffin box. A tiffin box is basically several metal dishes stacked up, and held together with a metal top and bottom with arms clipped in down the side. For £15.95, a tiffin box consisted of x4 different tiers:
- A starter
- Meat curry
- Veggie curry
- Breads and rice

We both opted for a tiffin box each so that we could sample most of the menu - and what a bloody good idea! For Dave's tiffin box he chose:
- Potato and pea samosa
- Goan fish curry
- Dal makhni
- Breads and rice

The samosa was just a samosa. Tasty, but nothing out of the ordinary to shout about. I'm not a fish fan so I didn't actually try the Goan fish curry, but Dave said it was his favourite dish of the night. The Dal makhni was one of my favourite dishes from the selection. It was a creamy, lentil type curry with a hint of spices, and I could've eaten a full plate of it (which is rare for me as I'm a huge meat lover with a curry!). The breads consisted of naan breads, a wrap type bread and a portion of Bombay rice in a takeaway box.

My tiffin box consisted of:
- Lollipop chicken
- Gunpowder chicken
- Chana masala
- Breads and rice

I personally didn't think too much to the lollipop chicken, although cooked to perfection where the meat fell off the bone, there wasn't a great amount of spices on these as much as the other dishes. However, Dave didn't struggle eating the majority of it! The gunpowder chicken was to die for - I can't even explain the flavours but it was fiery, rich, and god damn delicious; recommend, recommend, recommend. The Chana masala was a chickpea based curry, and was very tasty and full of flavour, however I did prefer Dave's veggie curry. Every single dish that we had was packed full of spices, heats and flavours and all were so different to each other - once again, very refreshing from your usual Indian restaurant!

We decided to share our tiffin boxes between us and were definitely not short for food. Whilst each dish only looks small, being able to pick from each dish and mix it up certainly fills you up a lot quicker than you expect - we couldn't even finish it all!

All in all, we had a fantastic night here and the food was most definitely the best Indian that we have had in the UK since returning from India. Will definitely be visiting here again soon! I would give this restaurant a 5 star and is one of my new favourite eateries.

Sophie Amelia