So last week we decided to try the only Japanese restaurant close to home, Ogino. Sushi is the Mr’s absolute favourite food, and he’s been dying to get me in here for ages. As I’m not a seafood lover, I can’t say I’ve ever really been too excited to go here – but oh was I wrong.

Whilst this restaurant was very difficult to get booked into, it was definitely worth the wait. Upon arrival, we were greeted and sat down to our table facing an open kitchen – which to me is always a great sign.

As I’ve had chicken katsu curry before from a Japanese and really enjoyed it, I was just going to play it safe and go for this – however, the vast amount of choices for even us non-seafood lovers was just too good that I had to opt for sushi!

I started with the Kara-Age Chicken Roll, which was a soy marinated chicken with red onions and a wasabi mayo in a sushi roll. I was very apprehensive about this, but oh my it was absolutely stunning. The wasabi mayo brought a fantastic tasting element to this dish, which worked perfectly with all the flavours.

Dave went for the Pork Kakuni, which was a 12-hour slow braised pork belly, with crunchy skin marinated in soy, mirin, ginger and garlic – and topped with shredded onion and sugar snap peas. Dave absolutely loved this, and thought the crispy skin added a great texture in contrast to the succulent belly pork. Both thumbs up on the starters!

My main was Gyu-Maki, which was British beef fillet, tempura asparagus, mango puree, mixed peppers, shredded onions and a spicy teriyaki sauce. To finish it off, this sushi roll was sprinkled with garlic chips which were the PERFECT accompaniment. The mango puree added a real sharpness to the sushi, and the garlic chips provided a lovely crunchy texture with the soft beef. My only criticism here would be that the beef was uncooked, and therefore I found a little chewy. However, that was down to my naivety and should’ve expected Japanese beef sushi would come rare. As the beef is uncooked, it doesn't offer a huge flavour, and so was a bit bland to my tasting.

I wouldn’t order this dish again, but that was only to my own personal preference of the slimy texture – apart from that all the flavours work an absolute treat. At £17.50, this was rather pricey, but it was a big portion that was filling and full of flavour.

Dave's main was king tempura prawn, avocado and mixed pepper wrapped with Scottish salmon sashimi grilled on top. Absolutely no criticism on this dish either, and the grilled salmon really finished the dish off. Good portion sizes, and fantastic flavours. Nothing else to really comment on this!

Although we didn't order the Wagyu fillet beef as it was a whopping £85,  the table next to us did and this looked and smelt amazing. Massive food envy - so if you've got plenty of cash to spend, I would recommend giving it a go!

Overall, this was a fantastic meal and we would definitely return here again. The only thing we could possibly comment on would be the price of meals are perhaps a little steep, but it was fantastic quality food and is definitely a place to come back to. There is also a large function area at the back for occasions or parties, which I think would be a brilliant place to bring friends and family.

You can check out the menu on the website here: