I guess you could say I’m a granny trapped in a 20-something northerner’s body, who’s wild Friday nights consist of PJ’s, a bottle of white zinfandel and half of Sainsbury’s cheese aisle.

I’ve set up camp in a little 3 bed house I call home with my partner, our French bulldog and a Bengal cat (I’m sure you’ll hear a lot about the pests). I can’t say I’ve thrown myself into one hobby but I love spending hours dribbling over interior design, photography and clothes – and I also have a severe case of wanderlust.

 I want to blog about real stuff to help real people, including products to help my never-ending bloating issues, travel, good food and whatever takes my fancy. With the aim in mind to help and inspire people, as well as make a few friends along the way.

Please drop me an email (sophjordan93@gmail.com) or comment and say hi, I don’t bite!

Sophie Amelia