Current Favourite Fashion Trends – September Blogging Challenge #3

There are so many different fashion trends that I’m loving right now – Hurry up payday so that purchases can be made! Here are a few of my favourite fashion trends right now:


I’m seeing embroidered clothing everywhere, and I’m loving it. I think the floral embroidery patterns make any simple piece a statement, and really inject some colour and character into an item of clothing.



Frills are elegant and classy. They can be dressed down for casual wear, or work as a stunning evening get together. I don’t actually own any frills, but I’m determined to get a few pieces soon!


Tassel Earrings

Whilst I keep my earrings/bracelets quite basic, I absolutely love statement earrings. A big statement earring really makes an outfit pop, and accentuates the face – no matter what hair style. I’ve seen a lot of people wearing these tassel statement earrings, and I think it’s such a great look. I want to buy a pair in every colour.


 Whilst a lot of these styles are summer pieces, I think they can still be carried on through to autumn and can be coordinated with boots and winter trench coats. I can’t wait to start looking for my winter wardrobe!

Sophie Amelia



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