Great Homemade Wedding Gifts Ideas – On A Budget

Weddings are a wonderful thing.

I absolutely love watching two people celebrate their love for each other surrounded by family, friends, and a good old party. Last weekend was my brother’s wedding – and it was fantastic. Although I was really struggling with one thing… What to buy them for a wedding gift?

Although shops are full of wedding gifts, his and hers glasses etc… I really wanted to get them something special and personal. I came across several personalised items on sites such as Not On The High Street (which is one of my favourite sites, but rather pricey), however, I realised I hadn’t allowed myself enough time for the products to be made, delivered, and still needing time to change if needs be.

As a photo lover myself, I decided to go for something really personal with a photo album. Snapfish have beautifully printed photo albums, but I still felt like I could add my own to it. After all, I graduated with a degree in Graphic Arts and Design, it would be a waste to not add my creative touch to it!

My first call was Hobbycraft – I could spend absolutely hours in here. I grabbed myself a bag of scrabble letters to personalise my photo album, and various other foam stickers to decorate my book with. Although I disregarded Snapfish, I did go back to print my individual photos prints.

Wedding stickers

Wedding stickers for them to add in later

I use Snapfish every time for my photo prints as they are a great cost, quality and don’t take long to arrive either. Tip: if you sign up with a new email, you get so many prints free. Ask around to see if any of your friends/families don’t mind you using their email to get the offer!

Admittedly, it took me a few hours to put everything together, however I was so so pleased with the finished result. I had a beautiful personalised gift all for around £20. Whilst I do love a lot of items in shops, I think customised gifts are so much more personal – and a fraction of the cost too. Who doesn’t love a budget?

One of my favourite craft shops is Daisy Doodle Crafts, this craft shop is individually run and take personal requests and produce great quality products. I sometimes like to help out with the craft stalls as I love seeing all the things that have been made! Please check out the Daisy Doodle Crafts Facebook page and like and share – Let’s get these individual businesses the recognition they deserve!

Much love,

Sophie Amelia


2 thoughts on “Great Homemade Wedding Gifts Ideas – On A Budget

    • sophieamelia says:

      Aw thankyou! I am also – they absolutely loved it as a present 🙂 I left pages spare for them to add to with wedding photos afterwards, cant wait to see it filled up! xx

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